Robert Garcia says Adrien Broner still beats a lot of fighters

Adrien “The Problem” Broner can still beat a lot of fighters, according to Mikey Garcia’s trainer Robert Garcia. Broner lost a terribly one-sided 12 round unanimous decision to Mikey last Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Adrien “The Problem” Broner can still beat a lot of fighters, according to Mikey Garcia’s trainer Robert Garcia. Broner lost a terribly one-sided 12 round unanimous decision to Mikey last Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Robert doesn’t say who he thinks Broner can beat at this point. The fighters that Broner can beat, they’re not world champions and they wouldn’t turn his sagging career around. Broner’s boxing career is on life support right now, and he needs a big win to revive it.

It was hard to watch Broner get schooled by Garcia last Saturday. Broner looked over-the-hill. He would have lost to a lot of fighters last Saturday night. You could have stuck almost any top light welterweight in the ring with Broner, and they would have beaten the brakes off him.

The scores were a lot closer than the fight the boxing fans saw, as the judges scored it 117-111, 116-112 and 116-112. At best, Broner won 2 rounds. At worst, he lost all 12 rounds. I couldn’t make a case for Broner winning any of the rounds. He looked that bad. He was over-matched, and totally dominated by the unbeaten Garcia (37-0, 30 KOs).

Broner’s career is on the decline. At 28, Broner fights like a fighter in his late 30s. Broner needs a big win over a top guy at 140 or 147 to show that he’s not a shot fighter. But finding someone that Broner can actually beat, it’s almost impossible. Broner would have a terrible time trying to defeat Terence Crawford, Julius Indongo, Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, Errol Spence Jr., Jeff Horn or Danny Garcia.

“Broner can still fight,” said Robert Garcia to Fighthype. “He’s never been knocked out. He still gives everybody a great fight. He still has a following. He still sells. There were over 12,000 people in the arena. There are a lot of fighters out there he can beat. 140 is good for him. I think he can continue fighting. He looked good. He fought strong. I think [Broner should stay at] 140,” said Robert Garcia.

I’m sure what Robert Garcia says about Broner makes him feel happy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean a whole lot. Robert seems to be just saying nice stuff about Broner to seem gracious. I find it difficult to believe that Robert honestly thinks that Broner can beat a lot of fighters. He can beat some contenders, but Broner says he wants to win another world title. In fact, Broner says HE WILL win another world title.

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If Broner is going to stay where he’s at fighting at light welterweight, then he’s going to need to go after the Terence Crawford vs. Julius Indongo winner. However, Broner probably won’t be able to get the winner of that fight due to his loss to Mikey Garcia. Broner will need to target someone else to build up to that fight. Indongo would probably fight him if he beats Crawford, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to do that.

Moving up in weight to 147 would give Broner a little more power on his punches. With Broner rumored to be ballooning into the 180s in between fights, it’s easier for him to drain down to 147 than it is for him to get all the way down to 140 and lower. Broner might do better if he moves up to 147.
However, Broner isn’t busy enough or powerful enough to defeat Spence, Thurman and Horn. Those fighters have bigger frames, more power, and they throw a lot more punches than Broner. It’s not a good weight class for Broner. There aren’t any paper champions at this time at 147 for Broner to beat. Horn is considered a paper champion in the eyes of a lot of boxing fans, but he’s still a very good fighter. Horn would be a tough obstacle for Broner. Horn likely wouldn’t waste his time fighting Broner, given how badly he was beaten by Garcia.

The former 4 division world champion Broner is still young enough to turn his career around. Broner is only 28. However, he’s not fighting at the same level as he did earlier in his career. The confidence is gone, and he’s not as powerful at 140 and 147 as he was when he was fighting at 130 and 135. I think it’s clear that Broner lacks the punching power in those weight classes for him to succeed like he had in the past.

Boxing fans like to point out that Broner showed that he can succeed at 140 and 147 by capturing world titles in those divisions. What the fans don’t realize is Broner beat weak fighters to win those two world titles. At 140, Broner won the vacant WBA World light welterweight title beating Khabib Allakhverdiev in 2015. That guy is not a great fighter. If you look at the 140 rankings today, Khabib isn’t ranked in the top 15 by any of the 4 sanctioning bodies.

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Personally, I didn’t think Khabib rated as a top 15 contender when Broner fought him. Broner beat an easy mark to win the WBA 140lb title. Winning that title was meaningless for Broner, because he didn’t prove anything. It was a perfect setup for Broner to win a title. Things are different now. The top champions at 140 are good fighters now in Julius Indongo and Terence Crawford. Broner would not do well against either of those guys in my opinion. When Broner won a world title at 147, he did it in beating Paulie Malignaggi by a 12-round split decision on June 22, 2013.

Broner barely won that fight against a very vulnerable champion in Paulie Malignaggi. This wasn’t one of the top guys of the day that Broner fought to win the WBA welterweight title. Broner didn’t beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Manny Pacquiao to win his 147lb title. He beat Malignaggi, and he was quite fortunate to get the decision. Broner didn’t prove anything with his win over Malingaggi, because he didn’t show that he belongs at welterweight. He beat a paper champion, and looked terrible doing so.

I don’t think Broner belongs at 140 or 147. He doesn’t have the power to defeat the best guys in those weight classes. The only place where Broner has a chance to find success is at super featherweight or lightweight. At this point, I don’t think lightweight is a good division for Broner. Those guys have power, and they rehydrate to nearly 150 lbs. I can’t see Broner beating any of them. I’m talking about Robert Easter, Mikey Garcia, Jorge Linares and Terry Flanagan. We just saw Broner lose to Mikey Garcia a 140. It would be no different if he fought him at 135.

The only division where Broner would have a chance of finding success is at 130 at super featherweight. I don’t think Broner can make weight for that weight class now without draining himself to the point where he would be too weak to fight. If Broner had been disciplined in between fights and kept his weight low for the past 4 years, I think he could still fight at super featherweight and do well. But Broner has been living it up, enjoying himself in between fights, and his weight has gone steadily up. Broner had to lose a lot of weight to get down to 140 for the Garcia fight last Saturday night, and he didn’t look strong at all.

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