Chisora says Wilder should fight Whyte

Dereck Chisora (27-6, 19 KOs) recommends for WBC heavyweight champion Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder (38-0, 37 KOs) to take the fight with Dillian “The Body Snatcher” Whyte (22-1, 16 KOs), because it would be an easy way for him to make $4 million.

Dereck Chisora (27-6, 19 KOs) recommends for WBC heavyweight champion Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder (38-0, 37 KOs) to take the fight with Dillian “The Body Snatcher” Whyte (22-1, 16 KOs), because it would be an easy way for him to make $4 million.

Chisora was at ringside to watch Whyte struggle against Helenius last Saturday night. Chisora was there to do his scouting of Whyte, because there’s a very good chance the two of them will meet each other in early 2018 if Wilder doesn’t give “The Body Snatcher” the title shot that he’s been pushing for.

Chisora already proven that he’s more than good enough to beat Whyte last December, and he’s ready to show him up again, but this time he wants the judges to get the scoring right. Whyte was given a 12 round decision win the last time they fought. Boxing News Results had Chisora winning the fight by a 116-112 score.

Chisora was not at all impressed with what he saw from Whyte in his boring 12 round unanimous decision win over Robert “Nordic Nightmare” Helenius (21-2, 16 KOs) last Saturday night at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. Chisora gives Whyte an ‘F’ grade for the way he fought. He thinks Whyte looked totally lost inside the ring against Wilder.

Chisora feels that he did a better job of beating Helenius than Whyte did. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Helenius had more success against Chisora in their fight in 2011. Yeah, Helenius won a controversial 12 round decision over Chisora in that fight, but he did it with one healthy arm. Helenius suffered a shoulder injury early in the fight, and he was forced to battle with just one arm for the remainder of the fight. Whyte was clearly more successful against Helenius than Chisora had been.

“If I was Deontay Wilder and I wanted to make a quick, easy, £4m [then I would fight him],” said Chisora to “Deontay Wilder’s sparring partners have got more skills right now than what we saw Dillian Whyte do the other day,” said Chisora.

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In fairness to Whyte, he did beat Helenius by a lopsided 12 round unanimous decision. Helenius fought well enough to win one round in the fight. Boxing News Results scored the fight for Whyte by 11 rounds to 1 score. Whyte had to have done something right for him to have won the fight by such a one-sided manner. The problem is he didn’t get the knockout that many boxing fans expected him to, and he missed with a lot of his shots. That’s what made him look so bad.

Wilder has ALREADY told Whyte’s promoter Eddie Hearn that he’ll gladly take the fight with Whyte IF he includes in the fight contract a fight against IBF/WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in the very next fight. But since Hearn isn’t interested in including a fight with Joshua in the contract for the match against Whyte, it’s a non-starter for Wilder. He’s not foolish enough to agree to a fight against Whyte without Hearn giving him the Joshua fight. There’s no reason why Hearn wouldn’t package the Joshua fight in the Wilder-Whyte contact unless that’s not a fight that he wants to Wilder.

Chisora, 33, will be challenging EBU heavyweight champion Agit Kabayel (16-0, 12 KOs) this Saturday night at the Casino de Monte Carlo Salle Medecin, in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Chisora wants a rematch with Whyte, as he was beaten by him last year on December 10 by a controversial 12 round split decision at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. The way that Chisora sees it, Whyte has very few options other than a fight against him. He doubts that Wilder will give Whyte a world title shot, so that just leaves him to fight Whyte.

”Yeah, he ain’t going nowhere. The fight with Deontay Wilder is not going to happen. He’s going to have to fight me,” said Chisora.

That’s probably not what Whyte wants to hear from Chisora, since he doesn’t have a whole lot of interest in fighting him again. Whyte sees the Chisora fight as a backwards step for him. Chisora isn’t a heavyweight world champion, and he’s been beaten by a number of heavyweights already. It’s no use for Whyte to fight Chisora if he wants to try and get bigger things like Wilder and Anthony Joshua. The big money is in fights against those guys rather than Chisora.

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Whyte was almost knocked out by Helenius in the 2nd round after getting hit hard by a big right as he was attacking him late in the round. Whyte plunged right into the shot, and he was lucky he was knocked unconscious. After that, Whyte was a lot more careful when attacking Helenius. He found out the hard way that Helenius’ right hand had enough concussive power on it to do damage to him. Whyte didn’t fight as reckless after that round.

Whyte looked worse than awful against the 6’6” Helenius last Saturday night in Cardiff. It was a fight where Whyte did everything wrong. He was throwing wild shots trying to KO Helenius rather than just walking him down and throwing straight shots down the pike. All Whyte had to so was study the Helenius vs. Johann Duhaupas fight to figure out how to knockout Helenius.

Duhaupas threw straight right hands to the head of Helenius to knock him out. Whyte was doing the opposite. He was throwing looping shots, which Helenius easily blocked. The looping manner in which Whyte was throwing his punches made it easy for Helenius to lean away from them to keep from getting hit.

It’ll be interesting to see if Whyte will show up for Chisora’s fight this Saturday night in Monaco. Chisora will have a tough time on his hands against the 25-year-old EBU heavyweight champion Agit Kabayel. It’s a fight that Chisora should win, but you never know. Kabayel of Germany has power and youth on his side. Chisora has a lot of mileage on him from many years as a heavyweight, but he still should be able to get him out of there.

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