Canelo Gunning for 1st Round Knockout Against GGG – Canelo vs Golovkin

Gennady Golovkin Saul

Canelo Alvarez says he doesn’t want his rematch with Gennady Golovkin to go to the judges — he wants to take matters into his own hands and knock the dude out in the 1ST ROUND.

TMZ Sports spoke with Canelo (via translator) about his upcoming fight with GGG — and he made it clear, he wants to stop the killer from Kazakhstan by putting him on the canvas.

“Without a doubt, I’ll be going in there to knock him out, that’s what I’ve worked for,” Canelo says … “I’m gonna work from the first round to complete my objective which is to knock him out.”

Canelo also responded to GGG’s trainer Abel Sanchez — who labeled the boxer a liar and a cheater for blaming tainted Mexican cow beef for that positive PED test.

“What he says brings me more desire to win,” Canelo says … “At this point, I don’t know whether to laugh or get mad at what he’s saying. But, at the end of the day, he’s not gonna be the one getting in the ring.”

“I’m gonna demonstrate my victory with facts and by getting in the ring with his fighter on Saturday.”

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We also asked Canelo if he’d consider joining Oscar De La Hoya’s presidential campaign — maybe push for a V.P. spot — but it’s clear Alvarez ain’t one for politics.

Ray Mancini Says ‘Roids Scandal Won’t Hurt Canelo’s Legacy

Former boxing champ Ray Mancini says Canelo Alvarez ain’t like Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Ben Johnson … cause unlike those guys, PED’s won’t hurt Alvarez’s legacy.

Canelo is set to take on GGG Saturday in the biggest fight of the year … but there are some people who think that an Alvarez win would be tainted by his positive drug tests from earlier this year.

You might remember, the fight was postponed because the Mexican champ twice tested dirty for Clenbuterol in his bloodstream … blaming meat from his home country for the positive results.

We got Mancini out in NYC … and asked the boxing Hall of Famer if Canelo’s good name is ruined forever and Ray couldn’t have been more clear … NO.

“Either you can fight or you can’t fight, you can punch or you can’t, take a shot or you can’t.”

We feel what Ray is saying … but we do know one thing that can DEFINITELY hurt Canelo’s legacy … another draw. SOMEONE KNOCK SOMEONE THE F**K OUT THIS TIME.

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Hulk Hogan Says GGG Will Turn Canelo Into ‘Canary,’ Gennady Loves It!

Hulk Hogan is weighing in on the Gennady Golvkin vs. Canelo Alvarez fight — telling TMZ Sports his guy GGG is gonna beat on Canelo so badly, he’ll turn him into “Canary” Alvarez.

“His feathers are gonna be flyin’ and he’s gonna be looking for some bird seed to try to get back on his feet, brother!”

We played the clip for Gennady — and he loved it … calling Hulk a legend and hoping he can turn Hogan’s prediction into a reality.

The two finally get in the ring on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Gennady’s camp is adamant Canelo is a cheater who purposely took a performance-enhancing drug.

In fact, GGG’s trainer, Abel Sanchez, says Canelo’s excuse that he unknowingly consumed tainted Mexican beef (and that’s why he tested positive for Clenbuterol) is complete B.S.

Abel told us … Canelo’s nickname should be CCC — “Canelo Con Carne.”

For his part, Canelo has vigorously denied the allegations — and vows to shut down all the haters on Saturday night.