Mayweather’s ‘Deadly Serious’ About Pac Fight; Wilder: “I Could Make $100 Million”

Floyd Mayweather's 'Deadly Serious' About Pacquiao Fight, Says Showtime Exec

Floyd Mayweather’s ‘Deadly Serious’ About Pacquiao Fight, Says Showtime Exec

How serious is Floyd Mayweather about running it back one mo’ gin with Manny Pacquiao?

According to the top guy at Showtime Sports, he’s serious as a heart attack … as in DEADLY SERIOUS.

TMZ Sports talked to Stephen Espinoza — Prez of programming for Showtime Sports (and Conor McGregor’s archnemesis) — about the proposed rematch, and if would ever ACTUALLY happen.

“Having spoken to Floyd, I know he’s deadly serious about it. He’s very, very serious about wanting the fight.”

The first one was a PPV record setter, and although there are a ton of people that wonder if this one would be as big (basically, some people don’t care) … Espinoza says next year, it’s LIT.

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“2019 sounds perfect. After I get a little bit of sleep after this event, we’ll go at Mayweather/Pacquiao 2, I think.”

That’s if no one breaks a hip first (they’re old as hell).


If you thought Deontay Wilder was taking a shot in the wallet by fighting Tyson Fury and not Anthony Joshua, bite your tongue. ‘Cause Wilder says he could make SERIOUS money his next time in the ring.

Like $100 million serious.

Deontay sat down with the guys on the “TMZ Sports” TV show and when he was asked if he was bummed he wasn’t fighting Joshua — the biggest fight in the sport — he broke some news.

“People always think the money is in Europe and it’s over there. The money is not, it’s here, because of the cap that they have there.”

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Wilder claims that there is a revenue cap on fights in Europe that doesn’t exist stateside, and because of that — plus the INSANE interest his matchup with Fury is generating — he could make more here.

“Pay-per-view here we can do 59 all the way up to 100.”

He’s talking about millions of dollars by the way, and he’s so jazzed about it he could barely talk.

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