Oscar De La Hoya Says Mayweather’s a Broke ‘Lowlife,’ “Canelo Would Ruin You”

Floyd Mayweather Jr Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya believes Floyd Mayweather is angling for a rematch with Canelo Alvarez — claiming he’s a broke-ass fraud who desperately needs a money fight to stay afloat.

The head of Golden Boy Promotions was celebrating the record-breaking $365-MILLION contract he made for Canelo Alvarez … when we asked about his rekindled beef with Floyd.

As we previously reported, Floyd dug up an old photo of Oscar on Thursday and blasted him on social media saying some pretty offensive stuff.

But, Oscar didn’t seem too bothered at The Belmont restaurant Thursday night — saying Floyd is simply trying to ruin Canelo’s moment because he’s a jealous, bitter man.

“How fair is it that Canelo announces this big monumental deal and then here you have Floyd crawling out of his little rock, trying to sabotage or trying to steal the thunder.”

“That’s who he is,” Oscar says … “He’s a lowlife.”

Oscar tells TMZ Sports … he honestly believes Floyd has blown through his fortune and needs money in a bad way — and he’s trying to pick a fight with Canelo to goose him into making a deal.

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Oscar says he’ll happily make the deal — because Canelo wants it — but believes Floyd’s too chicken to make it happen.

“Floyd, stay under your rock dude.”

Canelo Alvarez Wants Floyd Mayweather Rematch, Stop Hurting Boxing!

Canelo Alvarez says he’s sick of watching Floyd Mayweather try to make fights that hurt the sport of boxing — like Conor and Khabib — and says if he really wants a challenge, LET’S REMATCH!

“He wants to continue hurting boxing by making fights that don’t make sense … and not giving boxing the credibility it deserves,” Canelo tells TMZ Sports.

“If he wants to return, I ask him to look my way to give a great fight to the fans.”

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“Let’s do the second fight. It’s very important. We have something pending there, so let’s make the second fight.”

Of course, Canelo and Floyd fought back in 2013 — but Alvarez has improved A LOT since then, and clearly believes he would smash Floyd if they met again.

Canelo just signed a brand new $365 MILLION contract with the DAZN streaming video service to have 11 fights over the next 5 years … and a Floyd rematch would be a dream for the company.

But, if it doesn’t happen, Canelo tells us he’s down for a 3rd fight with Gennady Golovkin — and in the meantime, he’s prepping for his Dec. 15 fight against Rocky Fielding at Madison Square Garden.

As far as his new contract is concerned — the richest in the history of pro sports — Canelo says he’s not about to go on a spending spree because he’s already rich and has everything he wants.

… especially when it comes to cars!