Bob Arum Rips Floyd Mayweather’s Tokyo Fight, ‘It’s A Joke!’

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Tenshin Nasukawa is a complete joke and is nothing but a money grab … so says Bob Arum, who RIPPED Floyd for even taking the fight.

“It is a non-event. It is not a sporting event,” Bob tells TMZ Sports.

Arum was out at Craig’s this week when he made sure to stop for our photog, to crap all over Mayweather’s highly-anticipated New Year’s Eve exhibition in Japan.

“That’s pretty much a joke, isn’t it? I think so. I think so. Because, it’s not a real fight … the people who are watching that nonsense are pretty well jerks.”

In fact … Bob tells us he thinks the ONLY reason the tilt is going down is ’cause Mayweather straight-up NEEDS the cash!!

“He needs money for Christmas and the New Year, and this is a good way for him to make some money. God knows Floyd always needs money!”

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We also asked Bob about the Oscar De La Hoya-Dana White feud … and he tells us why it’s “stupid” — and, then says, even at 87 years old he could kick the crap outta Dana!!!

Khabib’s Manager Says Floyd Mayweather’s Texting Constantly, ‘Begging For The Fight’

Khabib’s manager tells TMZ Sports Floyd Mayweather has been texting him CONSTANTLY … saying the boxing legend has been “begging” for a fight with Nurmagomedov!!!

“Me and him have been texting each other for the last month,” Ali Abdelaziz says … “He’s very much begging for the fight.”

Of course, the potential tilt has been talked about for months — ever since Khabib and Ali called out the boxer after beating Conor McGregor back in October.

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But … seems Floyd is getting deadly serious about putting pen to paper on a contract for the scrap — ’cause Ali says he’s been blowing up his phone.

“If he say he did not, I’m going to put everything online. Don’t lie, Floyd! Do not lie, Floyd!”

The holdup on Ali’s end?? The money … ’cause Abdelaziz tells us, “At the end of the day, if he want it, the fight is here. I like this fight. But, he has to come a little bit better. He knows what I’m talking about.”

As for if the fight does ultimately happen … Ali tells us Floyd shouldn’t think Khabib is a layup … saying, “I think Khabib will beat his ass!!!”