Deontay Wilder Says God Woke Tyson Fury Up From KO So They Could Rematch

Deontay Wilder Tyson Fury

God came down from above to wake Tyson Fury up from a 12th-round knockout Saturday … and did it so Fury and Deontay Wilder could have an epic rematch — so says Wilder himself.

“God lifted that man up from that knockout,” Deontay tells TMZ Sports … “So now when we have the rematch, it’s nothing that’s going to be said.”

Wilder and Fury put on a show at Staples Center in their heavyweight tilt — all highlighted by a vicious 12th-round left hook from Wilder that put Tyson flat on his back.

“The last knockdown was a devastating one, where the eyes rolled in the back of the head,” Deontay says … “9 times out of 10, a referee would have stopped that immediately.”

But, the ref didn’t … and Wilder’s convinced it’s all ’cause a higher power wanted to see Wilder-Fury II in a few months.

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“I think he had an army of prayers around him that night, and I think God don’t make mistakes, though. I think God woke that guy up for the rematch.”

As for what that means for the highly anticipated Wilder-Anthony Joshua fight … Deontay says he “don’t give a f*ck” about that scrap anymore — at least for now.

Deontay says Joshua had his shot to make the mega-fight, but right now, he’s solely focused on the rematch with Tyson.

“He thought he was the only one in this sport, the biggest thing in this sport,” Wilder said of Joshua.

“But, you’re not. Me and Fury, that’s all it’s about — me and Fury. I don’t give a f*ck what they talking about … He’s on the backburner. Ain’t nobody talking about him.”

Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury Draw Was ‘Bulls**t’ According to Ice Cube

Ice Cube’s gotta say it was NOT a good day when Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury’s heavyweight championship fight ended in a split decision draw — in fact, Cube’s straight up pissed.

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We got him storming out of L.A.’s Staples Center moments after the boxers fought to a 12 round tie, and he called the outcome “bulls**t” because he thinks Wilder was robbed. True enough, Wilder did knock down Fury twice … including in the 12th and final round.

But, just like the match, opinions are split. We also talked to boxer Andre Berto leaving the bout and he thought the result was fair, and he’s looking forward to a rematch.

Michael Rappaport, on the other hand, wanted more from Deontay.

We know this … if there is a rematch — there’s totally gonna be — you can believe Ice Cube won’t be watching! He’s really not happy.

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