VIDEO: George Foreman Says Joshua vs. Wilder Could Be Bigger Than Ali vs. Frazier

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Watch out Ali vs. Frazier … your status as the biggest heavyweight fight of all time is in jeopardy … that’s according to George Foreman, who says there’s one fight that could be bigger.

Deontay Wilder vs. Anthony Joshua.

Wilder nuked Dominic Breazeale’s face via 1st-round knockout this weekend — and immediately, ring reporter Jim Gray began pressuring Deontay about when he’ll fight Joshua, the most decorated active heavyweight.

We talked to Foreman, who says he doesn’t know when the fight will happen, but he DOES know it’ll be HUGE when it does.

“If Joshua and Wilder fight, it would be the biggest heavyweight fight of all time!”

Just so you guys know, historically all the biggest fights have been between heavyweights … until Floyd Mayweather came along and changed the landscape.

TMZ asked George again, and he doubled down saying the fight would be “bigger than anything.”

Question is … will it ever happen? Wilder didn’t seem convinced after destroying Breazeale and Joshua is busy preparing to fight another dude no one’s really ever heard of.

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But, if George is right, we’re talking about maybe a $300 million dollar event … SO GET TO IT GUYS.

Tyson Fury to Deontay Wilder, ‘Suck My Nuts’

Tyson Fury says Deontay Wilder’s 1st-round KO of Dominic Breazeale was “highlight reel” stuff … but it ain’t enough to get the job done against the Gypsy King when they rematch.

In fact, Fury has a message for his boxing nemesis … “Deontay Wilder can suck my nuts!”

Yep, that’s how this clip went when we saw Fury in NYC on Monday — lots of that good ol’ fashion trash talk he’s become famous for.

Fury says Wilder ain’t skilled in the sweet science — all he has is a puncher’s chance … and it ain’t enough to beat him when they square off for the second time … whenever that may be.

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In fact, since Fury took Wilder’s best shots during their January fight and got up TWICE — we asked what it was like to be hit by the Bronze Bomber.

“It ain’t so bad. I got up, didn’t I?!”

Fury says he’s down to fight Wilder any time, anywhere… saying he would agree to a bare-knuckle fight in Times Square RIGHT NOW if Wilder was willing to sign on the dotted line!

Whenever they fight again (hopefully soon), Fury says he’ll make Deontay his “bitch” — adding, “I promise him he’ll be looking at the stars!”

Tyson and Deontay fought to a draw the first time around in one of the best heavyweight fights in years.

Wilder and Fury have said they want a rematch — but boxing politics seem to be getting in the way.

The other guy in the mix is Anthony Joshua. Wilder wants to fight him badly too … but they just can’t seem to get the deal made.