Deontay Wilder Breaks Down Tyson Fury Rematch; Golovkin wants 3rd fight with Canelo

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Deontay Wilder Breaks Down Tyson Fury Rematch, Promises To KO His Ass! Deontay Wilder believes he beat Tyson Fury in their ’18 megafight … but he’s rematching the British star to erase all doubt — telling TMZ Sports he’s gonna knock TF the hell out.

The American heavyweight champ just announced he’s rematching Fury early next year … after fighting another scary man, Luis “King Kong” Ortiz in September.

“I wanna give great shows. I wanna put on great events because the heavyweight division was so dead for so long, man. Like over 10 years nobody knew who the heavyweight champions of the world were.”

“Now they got a badass in Deontay Wilder. I already vowed and promised to put on great shows.”

Wilder and Fury fought to a draw in December 2018. The fight was awesome … and was arguably the biggest heavyweight fight in a decade — but both guys had beef with the result.

Deontay believed Fury got an extra long 10 count in the 12th round after he landed a ferocious left … sending TF crumbling to the canvas … and Fury, he thought he won the fight on points.

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Wilder’s message to Fury???

“If you feel you got robbed in my country, in America we run it back.”

“You run it back, and that’s what I’m doing to prove that I knocked him out, but this time I’m gonna do it in even better fashion than I did the first time.”

It’s a lock to be one of the biggest events of the year … but it ain’t the only super fight Wilder has on his mind.

Yeah, don’t worry fight fans, Wilder still wants Anthony Joshua — and he lays out the blueprint for exactly when that fight will happen — in what George Foreman told us could be the biggest fight in the history of boxing.

Gennady Golovkin Prepping to Negotiate 3rd Fight with Canelo Alvarez

Gennady Golovkin wants a 3rd crack at Canelo Alvarez — telling TMZ Sports the plan is to start negotiating the trilogy fight right after he beats up Steve Rolls next weekend.

GGG and Canelo fought to a draw when they first battled back in 2017 — and when they ran it back in Sept. 2018, Canelo got the victory in a controversial decision.

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Those fights were clearly the BIGGEST of Gennady’s career in terms of exposure and paychecks — so, it’s no shock Gennady is ready for Part 3.

Of course, GGG has to get through Rolls first … which shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, GGG is such a huge gambling favorite, you gotta lay down $10,000 just to win $100.

37-year-old Golovkin says he expects a tough fight the 3rd time around … but insists he’ll finally get that “W.”

There’s more … our camera asked GGG — who grew up Kazakhstan — how old he was when in he got in his first-ever scrap — and Golovkin says he remembers throwing hands at age 7!!!

The story is pretty incredible … Gennady tells us it was his first day of school when he started getting in fights.

As for if he lost any of them?? GGG says, “Nah. Never,” … telling us it’s all ’cause of his twin brother, Maxim!!!