Bob Arum on Fury vs Wilder rematch: “The date we’re looking towards is February 22nd”

On Tyson Fury vs Otto Wallin

On Tyson Fury vs Otto Wallin

“The one requirement we had [When choosing Fury’s opponent] was that we needed to find a big guy because he will be facing a big guy when he fights Wilder for the title.

“Wallin was the best available fighter. He’s a decent fighter, he’s undefeated, he’s got a good punch and he’ll give Fury a tussle.”

On the date and location of Tyson Fury’s rematch with Deontay Wilder

“Well the location’s going to be Las Vegas. That’s pretty much been decided.

“The date is a bit more tentative, but the date we’re looking towards is February 22nd [2020].”

On the length of negotiations between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz and what he thinks of Saudi Arabia as a location

“With all due respect, Eddie [Hearn] handled the negotiations wrong. Once he wanted to go to Saudi, he handed the leverage to Ruiz, who despite the rematch clause, could have taken the position of that he wasn’t going to go to Saudi, because his own state’s department said that it wasn’t safe for Americans.

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“Then Ruiz and his people held Eddie up for more money. How much more? I don’t know, but it was more money. Now the fight’s on in Saudi.

“Whether the decision is morally right or wrong is an individual decision to be made. It’s not illegal but the morale question has to be answered by the one making the decision.

“I’m not going to criticise Eddie for taking the fight to Saudi Arabia. If he thinks it’s a good decision to do it, then fine.”, said Arum to

On his prediction for Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz 2

“It’ll be a Ruiz repeat. From a boxing perspective, I thought it was silly for Joshua to go right back into a rematch. It’s going to be the same results. Ruiz is a fighter that’s going to find Joshua’s vulnerabilities.

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“Joshua’s a straight up fighter who doesn’t like the pressure. Ruiz takes a great shot, very fast hands and I think the second fight ends like the first one.”

On Eddie Hearn’s partnership with the Dazn platform in the USA and whether the competition is good for boxing

“Competition is always good for boxing, but look at the numbers. It’s been a disaster. They’re getting no traction with any fight, expect for one involving a fighter Eddie has nothing to do with and that’s Canelo.

“Canelo’s got more numbers on his own than any of Eddie’s fights combined.”

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