Tyson Fury Gave His Cutman a Cash Bonus For Saving Bloody Otto Wallin Fight!

Tyson Fury Gave His Cutman a Cash Bonus For Saving Bloody Otto Wallin Fight!

Tyson Fury was so grateful for the miracle his amazing cutman, Jorge Capetillo, pulled off to keep him in the Otto Wallin fight, he broke the guy off with a CASH BONUS, BABY!!!

That’s according to Capetillo himself, who says Fury showered him with praise for the way he treated the two MASSIVE gashes he suffered during Saturday night’s main event.

Photo by Mikey Williams / Top Rank Boxing

If you saw the fight … you know Jorge’s handiwork — he somehow managed to slow the bleeding and ultimately prevented Fury from losing the fight (and his championship belt) due to a doctor’s stoppage.

So, when TMZ Sports spoke with Capetillo (nicest guy ever BTW), we asked if Fury gave him some love after the fight.

“Yeah, he gave me a bonus, that’s for sure!”

Capetillo also told us Fury’s cut was THE WORST he’s ever seen in his career as a cutman — and explained his strategy in tending to the wound.

The big question … how many tubs of Vaseline did you go through?!?!?!

Capetillo says he visited Fury the day after the fight to check in and Tyson was in great spirits — once again, thanking Jorge for his tremendous work.

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Fury is now expected to take on Deontay Wilder in a rematch of their 2018 superfight … and you better believe Capetillo will be back in Fury’s corner when that goes down!

Otto Wallin Says Fight Doc Cut Tyson Fury a Break, ‘Shoulda Been Stopped’

The ringside doctor SHOULD HAVE stopped the Tyson Fury fight based on the size of his gash … but they let it go because Tyson is a huge star — so says Otto Wallin.

The Swedish fighter tells TMZ Sports … if the tables were turned, the doctor would DEFINITELY have called the fight because the wound was massive and posed a real medical danger.

“If it was someone else, they probably would have stopped it,” Wallin said while hanging at a Vegas pool party.

Still, Wallin is being praised for his gutsy performance … taking Fury to the 12th round despite being a massive 30-1 underdog. Dude fought his ass off.

There was one questionable moment when Wallin appeared to rake Fury’s face after an exchange in an apparent effort to widen the cut on Tyson’s face.

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We asked Wallin if he felt the move was dirty … and he sorta copped to it.

“He was using dirty tactics too and I’m not gonna let someone do that to me, without me answering back with some dirty tactics,” Wallin said.

“This is boxing. It’s a fight and you gotta do everything you can to win.”

Despite the cheap shots, Wallin says Fury came to his locker room after the fight to congratulate him on the performance … “[He] showed some respect.”

So, what’s next for Wallin? He wants a rematch with Fury but knows he probably won’t get it any time soon because Tyson has his sights set on a rematch with Deontay Wilder.

“After that, maybe I could get the winner. That would be great, fight for the world title.”

Until then, he’s got a message for Fury …

“I wanna say it was a good fight. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope we can do it again.”

Fingers crossed!