VIDEO: Canelo Alvarez Mocks Floyd Mayweather, “Have Fun Fighting MMA Guys”

Canelo Alvarez Floyd Mayweather

Canelo Alverez thinks the Floyd Mayweather comeback is HILARIOUS — saying there’s no way Floyd would ever consider a rematch because he’s too focused on MMA guys.

The boxing superstar was leaving Matsuhisa sushi in Hollywood in great spirits when we asked how he felt about 42-year-old Floyd wanting TWO fights in 2020.

“He’s not gonna fight with me,” a smirking Canelo told us … “He’s gonna take on MMA fighters!”

CA’s entourage added a little more commentary — with a female friend saying Floyd “couldn’t handle” a fight with Canelo.

His male pal was blunter, saying, “Canelo will kill him!”

For his part, Floyd is still working on nailing down his two opponents — a boxer and an MMA fighter — and we’re told he’s got his sites set on Manny Pacquiao.

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Meanwhile, Canelo’s coming off a violent knockout victory over Sergey Kovalev as he fights his way through his 11 fight, 5-year, $365 MILLION contract.

Unclear what’s next for Canelo — but he’s said in the past he would LOVE a rematch with Floyd, who has the ONLY victory over Alvarez in his pro boxing career.

The two fought back in 2013 — when Canelo was only 23 — and he lost by majority decision. After the fight, Canelo said he simply couldn’t catch Mayweather.

But, Canelo’s a lot faster now …

3 comments on “VIDEO: Canelo Alvarez Mocks Floyd Mayweather, “Have Fun Fighting MMA Guys”

  1. Adistevens

    If canelo and mayweather fought again would be same outcome

  2. of course you cant catch him! you need to train with bolt! so you can outrun him!

  3. Robert berkeley

    Haha yes canelo your right he won’t fight you he’s o ly gonna fight boxers who he knows he can beat n he knows he won’t beat you next time. I don’t think Mayweather would stand a chance now ur more experienced more faster and powerful I think deffos he would lose he first defeat against you and you will become the pound for pound king

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