Floyd Mayweather Gunning for 2 Fights In 2020, Including UFC Crossover

Deontay Wilder Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t want to be a 1-and-done in 2020 — sources tell TMZ he’s targeting TWO fights next year … one against a pro-boxer and another against a UFC star.

Nothing is set in stone yet … it’s all being worked out and the situation is very fluid. But, for now, we’re being told one name that’s being seriously considered is Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd has been interested in a rematch for years and he feels the time is right — especially with Manny being healthy and coming off a great victory over Keith Thurman.

It’s also worth noting that Manny is no longer repped by Bob Arum and is now a part of Al Haymon’s promotion. Hayman famously works closely with Mayweather.

As for the UFC component, we’re told Floyd wants another boxing match with a UFC star, preferably someone who has impressed with stand-up striking skills.

Floyd has already teased a UFC crossover after hanging with Dana White at the Clippers game on Nov. 20 … unclear if they spoke about potential opponents.

Conor McGregor has expressed interest in a rematch and has spelled out why he thinks he will be successful a second time around.

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Floyd also called out Khabib in 2018 — but he’s notorious for his ground game … so based on what we’re being told, he’s not the priority.

As for dates, we’re told Floyd wants to fight in May and again in Sept. — and he’s even thrown out the possibility of fighting at the new Raiders stadium in Las Vegas.

Again, it’s all very fluid and could change with the wind … but for now, we’re told this is the starting point.

Deontay Wilder Wears Massive Gold Chain to Train His Neck, ‘It’s So Heavy!’

Boxing superstar Deontay Wilder says there’s a damn good reason he rocks that HUMONGOUS gold chain before a fight … it’s so heavy, it beefs up his neck muscles!

… And, yeah, he’s DEAD SERIOUS!

“It’s so heavy on my neck, it’s like training,” Wilder tells TMZ Sports … “It’s almost like wearing a weighted vest.”

Wilder says the chain is worth more than $100,000 — and since he’s gearing up to fight Luis Ortiz on Saturday night, he decided to break out the big boy jewelry to get his neck right.

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“Even when I’m laying down, it’s training! It’s so heavy!”

There’s more … the undefeated heavyweight champ also says he’s dropped tens of thousands of dollars on his fight costume for the ring walk.

In the past, Wilder has busted out expensive, ornate masks … and says he’s spending the money to it BIGGER THAN EVER for Saturday’s fight on FOX Sports Pay-Per-View.

“If you’re gonna pay your money, I want it to be a whole event!”

Of course, the fight’s gonna be pretty good too if it’s anything like the first time Wilder and Ortiz fought back in 2018 … when they beat the living hell out of each other for 10 straight rounds before Wilder finished Luis.

And, get this … Wilder says he already has a plan for his fight check — and it’s all about making sure his kids have a solid financial future.