Leon Spinks Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Boxing legend Leon Spinks is battling prostate cancer that spread to his bladder -- but the family is hopeful he'll pull through.

Boxing legend Leon Spinks is battling prostate cancer that spread to his bladder — but the family is hopeful he’ll pull through.

TMZ Sports broke the story … 66-year-old Spinks has been fighting for his life in a Las Vegas hospital.

Now, a family spokesperson is revealing more details about Leon’s condition.

“Leon is currently in intensive care of a Las Vegas hospital receiving attentive medical care to suppress prostate cancer which he was diagnosed with earlier this year and has since spread to his bladder.”

“The last few months have been an agonizing roller coaster for Leon and his wife, Brenda, with continuous hospital stays.”

“Leon is showing small signs of improvement and progress. A miraculous fighter his entire life, we are optimistic and hopeful that he will move out of ICU soon.”

“The power of prayer is real and his family is beyond grateful for all of the tremendous love and support.”

Spinks is in the boxing Hall of Fame — he most famously defeated Muhammad Ali in 1978.

Leon Spinks Hospitalized, Boxing Legend ‘Fighting for His Life’

Boxing legend Leon Spinks — who famously beat Muhammad Ali in 1978 — is fighting for his life in a Vegas hospital, TMZ Sports has learned … and his wife is asking for prayers.

Details surrounding the 66-year-old’s condition are unclear — but we know his family and friends are very concerned.

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In fact, Leon’s wife, Brenda, went to social media saying, “Reaching out to ask you to kindly send some prayers out for my Beautiful Husband Leon so that he may overcome the obstacles that have crossed his path.”

Spinks has fought back from serious medical situations in the past — he was hospitalized in 2014 after a piece of bone from a chicken wing caused major damage to his intestines.

The boxer underwent several surgeries and spent weeks recovering at a rehabilitation center.

Spinks is a boxing legend — he was inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame in 2017.

His 1978 victory over Muhammad Ali to win the heavyweight championship of the world is widely considered one of the greatest upsets in boxing history.

Spinks is also a military veteran who served in the U.S. Marines from 1973 to 1976.

Photo: John Mena

Larry Holmes Didn’t Always Like Leon Spinks, But He’s Praying for Him Now

Pure honesty from Larry Holmes … who says his decades-old feud with Leon Spinks was real and mean, but he’s praying for his old rival to fight through his current medical crisis.

If you know your boxing history … you know Holmes had REAL animosity for both Leon and his brother Michael Spinks.

In fact, Holmes knocked out Leon in the 3rd round of their 1981 title fight — only to get beat TWICE by Leon’s bro Michael later in his career.

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Now, with Leon fighting for his life in a Las Vegas hospital, we asked Holmes how he felt about the situation … and his response was about as real as it gets.

“Leon was a fighter that … if you ain’t ready, don’t get in the ring with him! Because he’s ready. He fought hard, man.”

Here’s where things got real …

“I didn’t really like him as much as a fighter because he said some things to my wife that I didn’t like,” Holmes said … “And, I held it back on him a little bit.”

“But, when it came down to me fighting him, he was total different guy.”

Holmes added, “You don’t want to kick a man while he’s down. That’s what a lot of people want you to do, kill him while he’s down. I don’t want to do that. I’m not mercenary. I got in the boxing game to make money, to take care of my family. Not to hurt nobody.”

“And, I hope that I didn’t hurt him, but I probably was one of the guys that caused whatever problem that he’s having now.”

Now, Holmes says he’s calling for the entire boxing community to pray for Larry — explaining, “He was one guy that he gave it his all.”

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