Claressa Shields Fires Back at Laila Ali, “Shut Up and Fight Me!

"She's Muhammad Ali's daughter, she's not Muhammad Ali."

“She’s Muhammad Ali’s daughter, she’s not Muhammad Ali.”

That’s boxing superstar Claressa Shields essentially telling Laila Ali to put up or shut up … after Ali trashed Shields this week as an inferior fighter.

Shields appeared on the “TMZ Sports” TV show (airs weeknights on FS1) to respond to Ali’s insults … and yeah, Shields was FIRED UP!

“Let’s just keep it honest. Don’t say that I’m not talented because I’m the most talented female fighter there has been in the history of boxing.”

Of course, 42-year-old Ali went on “Sway in the Morning” and said she would destroy Shields if they ever fought because Claressa isn’t talented enough to hang with her.

FYI, Ali was 24-0 as a pro. She last fought in 2007. 24-year-old Shields is currently 10-0 and looks unstoppable.

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“Laila Ali is all bark, no bite,” Shields said … “If a girl call me out, I answer.”

Shields says Ali ducked Ann Wolfe back in the day. Wolfe is widely considered one of the best female fighters of all time.

Instead, Shields says Ali’s resume is packed with bums, not legit top flight opponents.

“She fought against soccer moms and probably strippers or something. I fight real fighters.”

Now, Shields says she’s down to settle this in the ring.

Claressa says she’ll give Ali one year to train up — and even has a pay structure in mind.

“The loser gets $5 million. The winner gets $10 million.”

“We can make it happen if she really wants to make it happen.”

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