Joe Joyce talks Fury vs Wilder II & Daniel Dubois

In an interview with, Joyce shares insight  from sparring with Tyson Fury when he was 30 stone, getting inside his mind, how he can beat Wilder and a mad anecdote about a Zumba class!

In an interview with, Joyce shares insight  from sparring with Tyson Fury when he was 30 stone, getting inside his mind, how he can beat Wilder and a mad anecdote about a Zumba class!

Joyce also calls out next opponent Daniel Dubois for his nasty comments about Joyce’s blind mum.



So there’s this Zumba class going on in a pool down at the David Lloyd leisure centre, full of old ladies doing their thing – and then Tyson comes up behind Sam [Jones], pulls his shorts down, slaps him on the a**e, and pushes him in the pool in front of all old ladies.

“There was also that time when he put load of chillies down cousin Hughie’s pants, and when he smashing watermelons over his head before the Klitschko fight. That’s just Tyson.”


“I first sparred him in Bolton when he was 30 stone or something. But I still couldn’t hit him. He was doing rope-a-dope on ropes, slipping my shots. I took it a bit easy on him because he was so out of shape, but he could still dance rings around me even then.

“If we ever fought, i’d have to go full juggernaut style on him and not let him breathe. You know, cut the ring down and don’t let him get going because when gets into a rhythm he comes at you from mad angles. His flicker job is so fast. It would be a good fight.”


“I think he’s got bipolar because he gets really, really high energy, and then he gets really low. He battles these mental things. After the Klitschko fight he fulfilled his childhood dream, and then obviously after that he went off the rails and didn’t want to live, and was doing drugs and alcohol.

“That was the lowest point. But then he picked himself back up, got back in there with Wilder, beat him on points really, and he’s been back in the gym –  that’s been his medication.”


“I think he’ll still be Tyson Fury, fighting to his strengths. But I think him and his new coach must have looked at the first fight and realised that Tyson troubled Wilder at some points of the fight.

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“Tyson’s talking about a second round KO, but I don’t know how realistic that is – but you know, he’s a big heavy guy and he can he can punch a bit. The punches that you can’t see hurt the most. So I see it going the same way.

“Tyson may out-box Wilder but then if he makes a mistake then he’s gonna get caught. The second time Wilder fights a person he is a different beast, very patient like a sniper as he waits for his opportunities.”


When he was with Ben Davison, Tyson wanted to have another, more experienced trainer with him, knowing what to do in those sticky situations. Sugar Hill has got that experience. Also it could be financial thing  – boxing is a business.


“It just exposes his character doesn’t it, taking the p**s out of someone’s blindness and someone’s mum at the same time. It will feel more sweeter when I end him on the night.

“I used to give him advice on the GB squad, you know, he’d ask me about things like whether to turn professional or whether to stay on the squad. The comment makes me think a lot less of him as a person.”


“If Dubois manages to hit me with a punch from the gods early then it’ll be a Dubois win, if not i’ll take him into the trenches, take him into deep water and drown him. I can definitely outpoint him, I throw more punches, but I have a feeling I’m gonna knock him out earlier than maybe people might expect.”



“I heard that Tyson really went in on Guido [Vianello] during one spar. They were sparring eight straight rounds together in front of Bob Arum, and I think Tyson was probably having one of his days, and he tried to kill Guido. He did what he did – Guido’s tough, Guido will have it. It’s sparring, you’re not in there to play about.


“Tyson said by his own admission that Joe’s the hardest spar he’s ever had in his life. Joe’s tenacity and persistence, Joe doesn’t give you a moment. There’s no point of trying to go head hunting against Tyson Fury because it’s like punching confetti.

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“Joe Joyce in that fight would have to take some welly, he really would, because Tyson’s very accurate, very fast, but it would be a great fight from what we’ve seen from the spars.

“People have this perception of Joe that he’s very slow, but Joe has huge punch output, Joe does Brazilian capoeira, standing backflips and he’s a 19 stone man. They are both kind of freaks of nature. It would be be a great, great fight, Fury would be the favourite, but I’d be confident of Joe going in there and winning the fight.”


“Joe started his career with Salas and they’ve always had great chemistry. Salas brings another level out of him. He knows how to speak with him and it’s a chemistry that works, it really is, and he is a proven coach, he’s had  25-26 world champions.

“Their working relationship wouldn’t have ended in the first place but Salas had other obligations. 100% he would have stayed with Salas had it not been a logistical problem.

“Joe had his first spar in a couple of months yesterday and I honestly thought he was just gonna be as dry as a flip-flop, but he wasn’t, he was absolutely fantastic yesterday. I couldn’t believe how good he was. It’s being back with Salas, he adds another gear to Joe.”


“The scorecards are in the back of your mind but there’s one way for Dubois to win this fight legitimately and that’s by knocking Joe out and stapling him to the floor. He’s not gonna beat him on points fairly, you’ve just gotta look at their styles.

“Joe’s got a number of different ways to beat him. Dubois has only one way and that’s Joe walking on to a big left or or a right hand, but Joe isn’t Kyotaro Fujimoto who will come in disorientated and jet lagged and full of bread that he’s eaten in winter wonderland.

“But the odds are a disgrace, there’s gonna be some people with well lined pockets after that fight.”

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