JOSEPH PARKER EXCLUSIVE: “Fury has completely changed his game plan for Wilder – I’ve seen it first hand!” has secured an EXCLUSIVE interview with Kiwi fighter Joseph Parker overnight at his boxing gym outside of the Las Vegas where is preparing for his next fight after his last bout against Derek Chisora was called off due to a spider bite. has secured an EXCLUSIVE interview with Kiwi fighter Joseph Parker overnight at his boxing gym outside of the Las Vegas where is preparing for his next fight after his last bout against Derek Chisora was called off due to a spider bite.

In this wide-ranging chat, Kiwi Parker gives his Fury Wilder prediction, but also is convinced from seeing Fury spar with one of his team that he will follow through on his claims and be more aggressive – and ultimately knock Wilder out.

Parker also discusses:
  • Partying with Fury and Mayweather in Vegas when he was laid low with a spider bite
  • How is was wrong for Fury to sack Ben Davison
  • Working with Matchroom to get back to fighting for the title – and taking on Whyte and Chisora
  • How he could give AJ a better fight now
  • A tribute to Jimmy ‘Thunder’ Peau who inspired the likes of Parker of NZ-Samoan background

Fury vs Wilder prediction and insight from Tyson sparring one of his team

“I love how everyone has a different opinion on this fight. It’s going to be amazing and exciting to watch. We all know the reasons why as the first one was so controversial and tight.

“You can’t just walk up and bully Wilder, he has proved he has a good chin and one of the biggest punches in the world. Hearing stories from his camp, he’s one talented guy.

“That being said – and I may be wrong – but I believe Fury can pull it off by the approach he said he will do of putting on more pressure and taking it to him. I believe boxing ability beats power.”

“Tyson’s been sparring Guido (Vianello) at the beginning of his camp and I was there watching cheering them both on. I’ve seen them do many rounds in the gym in this build up and he is looking good. 

“The reason I say he is going to put on more pressure is that I have seen it in camp. Coming forward, back, forward in his movement, he looks like he is implementing what he is saying he is going to do which to come forward, throw more punches, be more aggressive – I think Tyson is going to try to knock Wilder out at some stage of the fight, for sure.”

Tyson sacking trainer Ben Davison

“I know Ben (Davison) and think he is a great and talented trainer. I don’t think it was the right move to change – it’s pretty much make or break for one of them, it’s a massive fight.

“Ben was there from the start and has seen it all at the beginning with his comeback, and remember Tyson’s dad thought he wouldn’t win his first fight. But the belief Ben had of Tyson in his heart and they proved it and put on a great performance

“I’m not sure where the thoughts of Ben doing being a good trainer comes from to be honest, but hopefully it all works out for him.”

Parker partying with Fury and Mayweather after his spider bite

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“He’s a great guy. When I got bitten by a spider and got sick, I had the opportunity to catch up for dinner on the strip, he bought me a nice steak, celebrating life and enjoying each other’s company. It was myself, my trainer Barry, Tyson and his security.

“We were walking through the casino and everyone is like ‘woah man’, he’s walking around with this energy – then we went to a nightclub to meet Floyd, take some photos. For me it’s just crazy, from where I come from in New Zealand being able to hang out with this champion and show me a good time, it was awesome. He didn’t strip me down and throw me in the pool or anything though, it was a very manly hangout!

“I see it (with the mental health side) – I think a lot of people can see it. He is very happy one day, not so happy the next. He has to train everyday in order to keep himself sane.

“Floyd is cool, I’ve met him twice. Floyd is Floyd, getting the best tables here and there, buying this and that splashing the cash – he’s one of the best of our generation ever 

Working with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom – and future opponents

“You don’t really get the attention in such a big stable of fighters. But it’s not their fault I had an injury or got sick and had to pull out of the Chisora fight – the doctor pulled me out, that’s just what happened to boxing and life. I tried to reschedule Chisora, but he wanted to fight someone else and got David Price.

“But I am thankful I am fighting earlier in the year in 2020, because I want to have a busy year, I want to have three of four fights this year, I want to get going.

“Eddie’s vision for us when we signed was to guide us back to fighting for the title. And I guess with getting me back into contention it’s about the right fights at the right time. I know I belong at the top and can beat a lot of the guys at the top, but I have to be patient and work my way back up.

“I need to get past Winters first, but I don’t care who I fight in the future, top five top 10, world champions. I want to fight Whyte because he won the first fight fair and square, but I know I can beat him. I know I can give way more than what I have shown in the ring and that is why this is the second phase of my career.”

“Both fighters I respect, Chisora has been in the game a long time and he is getting a second wind in his career with all these wins and looking good knocking fighters out. He had a layoff, personal issues and came back and a lot of people don’t want to fight him – but I want to fight him, I would love to fight him.”

Parker’s upcoming opponents – and opponents not wanting to fight him

“Any fight that I have locked in, I treat him like he is the world champion. I did my research on Shawndell Winters and found that he has had 12 KO’s out of 13 wins so he has pop and a lot of power. People don’t understand that we had a lot of offers out to a lot of other fighters and opponents.

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“I leave it to Matchroom and my management team to deal with who I fight and I just deal with training and my body to be in the best shape to win.”

“I accept whatever criticism comes my way. For me, you have different challenges in different fights. People always ask me how camp is, and you give a generic answer that it’s great.

“But people don’t understand the pain that your body goes through. I have had surgery on both elbows so there’s a lot in camp that is not understood. But when we go out to fight we don’t show any of that, we are confident and ready to go”

Anthony Joshua

“I think with that Ruiz fight, he did what he had to do to win it. It wasn’t a devastating performance that we usually see from him getting the knockouts, pressure, combinations – but he did what he had to do to become two-time unified champion of the world. If I was in the same position, I would do the same thing to get the win. But I was looking at that fight and thought to myself that I could give it a better go if I had to opportunity to fight him again.”

Tribute to Jimmy ‘Thunder’ Peau – a Kiwi-Samoan boxer who paved the way for the likes of Parker who recently died

“When I think of Jimmy Thunder, all of us younger NZ fighters looked up to him, having the fastest knockout in history. I always wanted to meet him but I never had the chance.

“But I heard from his kids he was very supportive of my career and proud of my achievements, and I’m very thankful. He set the way for us and guided the path for us to be where we are today.”

Parker’s trainer Kevin Barry

“We had a lot of respect for the energy of Eddie Hearn. In hindsight, it’s a good and a bad thing and it’s hard to spend time with all your fighters. But they’ve delivered an opponent we are happy with, and hopefully he’ll deliver a big fight for us this summer.

“Obviously the people we want to fight are Chisora, Joe wants to knock Chisora out. There’s been some bad blood and insults there, people speculating that he never had a spider bite! When the people who actually have seen the bite and scars know better…

“Joe wants Chisora and we will be praying that Chisora can get up against Usyk so that we can fight him in the summer.

“We also want Dillian Whyte – we’ve made no secret of the fact since they fought and Joe fought the whole fight concussed and still knocked him down in the last round and nearly had him out. We want that fight.”

“We know that knocking these guys out will get us a chance of a world title shot, they mean something personal to us. But there is work to be done first.”

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