Ryan Garcia Doesn’t Want Tank Davis Locked Up, We Can’t Fight In Jail

Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis have BADDD BLOOD, so it’s shocking the star boxer told us he does NOT want Tank locked up for domestic violence … but only ’cause Garcia can’t put his hands on Davis in jail.

Remember, Davis was arrested for domestic violence last week … days after a video appearing to show Tank grab his baby mama by the neck went viral.

Gervonta is facing up to a year behind bars, if convicted.

TMZ Sports talked to Davis’ rival, Garcia about the situation … and the 21-year-old undefeated boxer weighed in on the viral video and arrest.

“I just see that he’s not focused. Right now he’s not focused. He’s not being a disciplined type of person. For you to get angry like that. To do that in front of people is just crazy.”

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Garcia continued … “I think he needs to get right back on focus cause we need to fight. So, I need him to get right back on track. I need him to stay focused in the gym. I want him in the gym so we can fight.”

We asked Garcia if that meant he was rooting for Tank to make things right with the mother of his child so he could avoid jail.

“100 percent. I was like just crossing my fingers. Like, ‘don’t go to jail. Stay focused. Continue on to your next fight and let’s get it on.'”

Speaking of next fights … before Garcia can box Davis, he’s got a big bout with 26-year-old Francisco Fonseca Friday night on DAZN.

If Garcia beats Fonseca — who’s 25-2-2 — he could fight Tank later this year … as long as Davis is a free man.

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