Tyson Fury: “Wladimir Klitschko is a bigger puncher than Deontay Wilder”

Deontay Wilder is considered by many the HARDEST PUNCHER of all time ... but Tyson Fury says that's BS, 'cause he's faced someone who hits harder.

Deontay Wilder is considered by many the HARDEST PUNCHER of all time … but Tyson Fury says that’s BS, ’cause he’s faced someone who hits harder.

TMZ Sports talked to 31-year-old Fury Thursday afternoon, days before his rematch with Wilder … and we asked about the Bronze Bombers legendary power.

“I’m not so sure [Wilder’s the hardest puncher ever], I’m not so sure. He hit me with his best shots, I got back up again. I think Wladimir Klitschko was a massive puncher. Probably a bigger puncher than Deontay Wilder.”

W. Klitschko was a beast in the ring … known for his great knockout power. Fury and Klitschko fought in October 2015 … and Tyson won by unanimous decision. It was WK’s first loss in a decade.

Wladimir finished his career 64-5 … with 53 KO’s.

As for 42-0-1 Wilder, he’s got 41 wins by knockout … KO’ing all but 2 of his opponents.

When Fury and Wilder fought last year, Deontay knocked Tyson down twice … but Fury somehow managed to get back to his feet. The bout ended in a draw.

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The 2 massive heavyweights settle their beef Saturday night in Vegas … and Fury says it’s gonna be him doing the knocking out.

“I think the judges can do a good job, and will do a good job. But, I’m going out there anyway to knock him out,” Tyson says.

“I’m gonna go after him. I’m gonna go after him from round 1. Ding ding ding, let’s go!”

Andre Ward Says he Misses Boxing, But He’s Not Coming Back To Fight

Andre Ward retired as an undefeated 33-year-old fighter, and the future HOF’er tells us he misses fighting … so, is there a comeback in the cards for the superstar boxer?

Hell no.

TMZ Sports talked to the now 35-year-old Ward — who retired in 2017 with a 32-0 record — about a return to the ring … and for S.O.G. fans, this ain’t good news.

“I hate to bust any bubbles. Do I miss it? Absolutely. Being around a fight week and you kinda get the smells, and the feels and the sights, of course you miss it.”

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Ward continued … “Man, I’m a warrior. I been in this game since I was 9 years old, and you definitely have thoughts but they’re fleeting. Then you remember all the pain, you remember the training camps, you remember getting hit in the face, you remember all of that stuff, then all the sudden the thoughts go away just like that.”

Ward had a stellar career … he was a multiple-time world champion across 2 weight classes with wins over fighters like Sergey Kovalev (twice).

But these days, Ward says … “I’m content wearing the suit now, and I’m excited to watch these other guys compete.”

The guys he’s pumped to watch fight are Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury … ’cause Ward’s working the super-anticipated rematch Saturday night in Vegas.

For Ward fans hoping to see him return to the ring … keep your fingers crossed he changes his mind.

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