Don King Says He Buried the Hatchet with Mike Tyson

The war between Mike Tyson and Don King is officially over -- so says Don King who tells TMZ Sports the two have finally made peace after decades of animosity.

The war between Mike Tyson and Don King is officially over — so says Don King who tells TMZ Sports the two have finally made peace after decades of animosity.

The beef between the two men is legendary — Tyson had accused his former promoter of bilking him out of millions of dollars during his boxing heyday.

88-years-old and still going strong — only in America!

In fact, Tyson famously sued King for $100 MILLION in 1998 — but ultimately agreed to settle for $14 mil.

Tyson has bashed Don publicly over the years — even calling him a “wretched, slimy, reptilian motherf**ker.”

And, who could forget when Tyson threw water on Don King for touching him without permission during a 2018 boxing event.

But, GOOD NEWS … Don says despite all of the drama, they’re back on speaking terms!

“I love Mike Tyson,” King tells us … “I have never had anything negative to say about Mike Tyson.”

“I just talked to him on his birthday on June 30th — him and his beautiful wife and I wished them a happy birthday. ”

King says the two men had a “substantive call” — and he’s excited about the way it went down.

“I’m just very very happy to be able to still see Mike around.”

As for Mike’s upcoming fight against Roy Jones Jr., Don danced around the question when we asked him to pick a winner — but it’s clear he still thinks Tyson is as dangerous as ever.

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By the way, King is still VERY involved in pro boxing — he’s promoting a huge fight between undefeated heavyweights Trevor Bryan and Christopher Lovejoy on Sept. 26 for the WBA interim heavyweight title on the Impact Network.


George Foreman says Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.’s return to the boxing ring is a “beautiful thing” … but admits he is scared the legendary pugilists could be seriously hurt.

TMZ Sports broke the story … 54-year-old Tyson and 51-year-old Jones Jr. are coming out of retirement to put on a massively anticipated 8-round exhibition fight — and combat sports fans are PUMPED!

But, Foreman — who had 81 professional bouts against immortal fighters like Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier — says he’s very concerned about “Iron Mike” and RJJ’s well-being.

“There’s a time when you gotta worry about your health, but it’s a beautiful thing that they would even come out,” George says.

“Maybe they can even name a charity or something for the recipient of the funds. I think it’s good to come out but its gotta be a fun thing, but I hope one does not hit the other.”

FYI, Tyson — who last fought in 2005 — told us he’s donating a portion of his fight paycheck to charity.

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Foreman is admittedly anxious Mike and Roy could be permanently hurt, so we asked him if he’d advise the men to rethink their decision to step back into the squared circle.

“I would just tell them it’s really dangerous but when you make up your mind to do something like that, you can’t tell them ‘don’t do it.’ They’re not gonna hear that. Even me. Big fool like me, back in the day, I only saw what I wanted to see.”

George says he totally understands why Mike and Roy want to fight … and even revealed he attempted to make a third comeback in his mid-50’s.

(Of course, George became heavyweight champ for a 2nd time at 45 years old.)

“I was 55 years old. I was in shape and everything,” Foreman says, continuing … “[My wife] says ‘you’re not going to do anything like that,’ I said, ‘I’m telling you, you can’t tell me what to do. I can still — I said don’t you believe in me? Look at me, I can still do it!'”

“She said, ‘George, isn’t that the way you want to leave the sport believing that you can still do it?’. I got closure right there and I walked away and it was death to a fighter to realize you’re never gonna fight anymore.”

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