VIDEO: Mike Tyson – “I’m Gunning For K.O. In Roy Jones Fight”

Mike Tyson says he WILL be trying to knock out Roy Jones Jr. when they step in the ring in Sept. ... claiming his mentality is still "search and destroy."

Mike Tyson says he WILL be trying to knock out Roy Jones Jr. when they step in the ring in Sept. … claiming his mentality is still “search and destroy.”

The issue is, the head of the California State Athletic Commission recently told the media the guys will be going EASY on each other and WON’T be headhunting.

So, who ya gonna believe?!!?

Here’s what CSAC executive director Andy Foster told Yahoo Sports — “This isn’t a situation where they’re going out there to try to take each other’s heads off. They’re just going to be in there moving around the ring and letting fans see these legends.”

But, when we saw Tyson leaving a training session in L.A. on Saturday, it didn’t seem like he got that memo.

“This is search and destroy and I’m looking forward to recapturing my glory,” a hulking Mike Tyson told us.

When we asked specifically if he’ll be looking for a knockout, Tyson told us, “If the opportunity comes, I’m always looking for it.”

Tyson is 54 and hasn’t fought since a 2005 loss to Kevin McBride … and that concerns boxing legend George Foreman who recently told TMZ Sports he’s worried someone might get seriously hurt.

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Mike appreciates George’s concern — but says, “Don’t worry about us.”

“[George] wasn’t worried about getting hurt when he went on his tour of coming back and fighting.”

Foreman famously retired at 28 — and after a 10-year layoff, mounted a legendary comeback at 38. He became the heavyweight champ at 45 and finally retired for good in ’97 at age 48.

Tyson says both he and Jones know exactly what they’re getting themselves into — “We’re both professionals. We know how to handle ourselves and whatever happens, happens.”

He adds, “The fighting game is what I’m about and hurting people is what I’m about.”

We’ve seen the training videos — Tyson still looks like he could do some serious damage.

As for Roy, he told us he’s expecting Tyson to be headhunting from the opening bell — but insists he’s got a HUGE conditioning advantage over Mike.

“If he don’t kill quick, he’s got problems on his hands,” Roy tells TMZ Sports … “If he don’t get it quick, his ass belongs to me!”

VIDEO: Mike Tyson: “I’d Kick Conor Mcgregor’s Ass … In Boxing Match”

First Roy Jones Jr. … then Conor McGregor?!

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Mike Tyson says if the UFC superstar was his next opponent in his return to the boxing ring … he’d beat the hell out of The Notorious — saying, “I’mma kick his ass!”

Iron Mike went on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ on Monday to promote his new huge comeback fight with RJJ … when Jimmy decided to play a little “Who Would Win?” game.

Rocky? Mike says he’d dominate. Ivan Drago? Tyson says he’d beat that ass too. Drago’s too bulky and too damn slow.

As for McGregor? Mike says that’d be no issue … as long as they played by boxing rules!!

The clip is funny … Tyson says there IS one opponent who’d beat him — the ‘Karate Kid’ — saying, “I’mma have to surrender to him on this one.”

By the way, a fight between Conor and Mike would almost certainly never go down … the age gap (54 to 32) is huge, and the two are great friends these days. They even smoke weed together!

Then again, money talks … and we’d sure as hell pay to see it!!!

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